About Baxter Research Center

Baxter Research Center (BRC) is a marketing research firm whose fieldwork and analysis serves a wide range of successful media companies, magazines and professional journals.

BRC conducts custom and branded specialty surveys that provide actionable advertising and brand metrics for magazines and media companies, professional associations, advertising agencies, and advertisers. Our research-based audience metrics help businesses build market share, achieve advertising goals and develop brand value for greater profit.

We’ve been helping businesses understand their market landscape by providing data-driven analysis and intelligent reporting since 1989.

Meet our team

Rick Schumacher

Rick Schumacher

President & CEO

Rick’s introduction to Baxter Research Center began in 2005 as a magazine publisher when he signed on for quarterly ad studies and saw results that get stronger every year. Rick was so impressed with the power of the company’s products, he bought BRC in June, 2020.

David Oglesby

IT Director

David began his career with Baxter Research Center as a programmer analyst in 2000. Now as IT Director, David is excited to continue leveraging his knowledge of how clients successfully use BRC reporting to grow their businesses.

Julie Kennedy

Julie Kennedy

Creative Director

After working for several design and marketing firms, Julie joined the BRC team in 2000. A graduate of U.C. Berkeley with a degree in Social Sciences and Marketing, she enjoys the challenge of turning raw data into something visually appealing, understandable, and informative.

Tina Reynolds

Senior Project Manager

As BRC’s Senior Project Manager, Tina is passionate about helping clients succeed. Her philosophy is that great customer service is as much about empathy, connection, and human relationships as it is about accuracy, efficiency, and reliability.